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1. To end a tenancy at will, ..........days notice is required of the landlord.

2. According to the Act, utilities legally include heat, light and ......service.

3. A ............contract is a kind of contract that can be used to establish the landlord-tenant relationship for any time that is not longer than one year.

4. The tenant has the right to inspect the property for ...........business days after moving out.

5. Which of the following refers to a legal document that allows a court officer to take back the property of a tenant if the tenant fails to pay rent?

6. Which of the following refers to the legal document which a court issues to allow one person or group the legal right to take possession of real property by forcing those in possession out?

7. To end a tenancy at will, ..........days notice is required of the tenant.

8. According to Article 2 of the Act, any contract or lease that allows for the rental or use of real property as a place to live is known as a...?

9. According to Article 4 of the Act, the landlord is paid the money they are owed from a granted distress warrant through a...?

10. Any money or security which the tenant gives the landlord as part of their rental agreement is known as a...?

11. According to ..............., the landlord is not liable for damages resulting from third party negligence, or the fault of the tenant.

12. A tenant who wants unrestricted use of their property while facing a distress warrant may do which of the following...?

13. The landlord or their agent is required to inspect the property and make a list of any damages and itemized costs within ..........days of the tenant moving out.

14. According to the Act, a tenant is entitled to...?

15. From the day a summons is delivered, the tenant has ............days to respond.