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1. If we were to survey a property by beginning at the southwest corner and going 120 feet north, then turn at a 90-degree angle, heading east, and going 160 feet, then take another 90-degree angle, going south, for the next 120 feet, and a finally make a 90-degree turn, going west for 160 feet to the POB, we would have described ...?

2. Todd is showing property, and the buyers want to see where the property lines are. Todd walks around with the buyers and they locate the markers that define the property boundaries. The buyers are very concerned that the lot lines they see are not accurate, and Todd tells them...?

3. Lots and blocks describe properties that have been plotted, and they include the ...?

4. A territorial subdivision is six miles long, six miles wide and contains ............ sections, which are each one-mile square.

5. The terms monuments, benchmarks, and point of beginning (POB) are most often used...?

6. A survey can mean two things: one, the way land is measured and the area that is established, and two, ...?

7. Buyers are purchasing a lot in a subdivision, and they want to see how it fits into the overall plan, where the streets are, how the blocks are laid out, and what the lots around them look like. Their real estate agent suggests she needs a ...?

8. Government survey is a method of describing the location of a piece of land using ...?

9. First-time buyers are reviewing their paperwork, which includes the sales contract, mortgage documents, deed, and the title information. They ask their real estate agent about the legal description, and she tells them...?

10. Non-subdivision property or large tracts of land are generally described using ...?

11. Subdivisions are usually described by the...?

12. A section of land, established by a government survey, is a mile square and contains...?

13. Joe’s buyers received a copy of the title and land description of the property they are buying, and they noticed the street address was different than what was in the sales agreement. Joe told them...?

14. When a great deal of accuracy is required, the boundary lines of a property are described using metes and bounds, which refer to...?

15. Jill’s buyers are reviewing the government survey of a large parcel of land and they see that it is described in squares laid out in grids. They are interested in the tract numbered 1, and they would find that on this grid in the ...?