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1. An office building is valued using the...?

2. How does an appraiser identify properties when using the Sales Comparison Approach?

3. If three homes used for comparison all have different square footage, what does the appraiser do?

4. A large apartment complex collects parking fees, pet fees, and laundry fees. Are these included in gross operating income?

5. The cost approach is primarily used to value which of the following properties?

6. What is a cost approach appraisal?

7. A home is up for sale at $275,000. A new home that is similar can be built for $255,000. What principle applies?

8. There are 12 buyers looking for homes in the same neighborhood. There are only 8 homes in the neighborhood. What happens to the property value?

9. What is the principle of change?

10. What is the principle of contribution?

11. What is reconciliation?

12. How does the lack of internet access in remote areas impact property values?

13. What types of properties are appraised using the income capitalization approach?

14. What is considered gross property income?

15. What does depreciation mean?