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1. A candidate for a broker or an associate broker's license can fulfill the experience requirement based on experience in another state. Typically, they must prove they had an active license for three out of five years just prior to applying to the Commission. Which of the following is the best answer choice:

2. If the qualifying broker of a corporation, partnership or limited liability company resigns, dies or is discharged, the entity has ............ days to find a new qualifying broker. In case no qualifying broker is found, the brokerage must stop all real estate services.

3. ….......... suspended due to nonpayment or failure to meet educational requirements costs $100 if submitted within four months of the lapse.

4. Sallie Mae, who is not a licensee, works for Broker Amy Cahlo and performs administrative duties. What duties are Sallie permitted to perform under Georgia's real estate law?

5. Candidates taking a licensee exam who are eligible active duty military and reserve personnel receive a…?

6. Fill in the appropriate amounts. The activation fee to apply for a license as an individual or associate broker, salesperson, or community association manager is ............. The activation fee for a new firm, school or instructor is ............. Both fees include $20 toward the Real Estate Education, Research and Recovery Fund.

7. If you’ve been subject to disciplinary actions for any licensing agency, all the following information must be taken before applying for a real estate license in Georgia, EXCEPT?

8. If the licensee is acting as a dual agent, which of the following is NOT true?

9. Adam Jones is a broker who let his license lapse three years ago. He must pay the renewal fee and take the …......... within a year of the time he pays the renewal fee.

10. …......... is required prior to advertising property for rent, sale, lease or exchange.

11. Community Association Managers may need to obtain a …......... or the appropriate insurance if they meet certain thresholds.

12. Every salesperson has to provide the Commission with evidence that they completed a …......... post-license course within one year of obtaining their license.

13. Darryl Jones moved from Louisiana, where he was a broker, to Georgia, where he is applying for a broker license. Darryl tried several times to obtain a criminal history report from the appropriate authorities. Since he couldn’t get the required information, Darryl will need to provide all of the following EXCEPT:

14. Renewal fees covering a four-year period are $125.00 for each broker and approved school. Individual licensees and instructors pay $125.00. However, if paid through the Commission's online renewal system, the fees are reduced to …..........

15. If a broker wants to open a brokerage under a fictitious name, the brokerage license must be under the…?