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1. The purpose of preventing group boycotts is...?

2. Violating an anti-trust law could mean which of the following?

3. For the most part, who oversees anti-trust laws?

4. The Sherman Anti-Trust Act was enacted in 1890 in order to...?

5. Which is true about penalties for breaking anti-trust laws?

6. A real estate agent has been trying to sell a non-buildable lot for over a year. They get a listing for a nearby adjacent lot, which is buildable and immediately gets a dozen offers put on it. The agent lets the bidders know that if they buy the non-buildable lot, they will have a better chance of winning the bid. Which of the following statements is true about the agent?

7. The Clayton Anti-Trust Act...?

8. A neighborhood in a city has suddenly become very popular. There were two well-established local real estate agencies in that neighborhood that previously served all the real estate needs for that area. However, due to the surge in popularity, many new real estate agencies have begun to try and do business in that neighborhood. The two established real estate agencies agree to only share listings with each other, and not with any of the newer agencies that have come to the neighborhood. Which below statement is true of these two real estate agencies?

9. Over the last 5 years, the average price for a home in Bellevue has been over $200,000, but recently the market has been in a slump, and the average sale price of the last 12 months has dropped to below $150,000. A group of real estate brokers get together and decide that none of them will sell a Bellevue home for less than $200,000. They are engaging in...?

10. A contract where a transaction depends upon another is known as...?

11. An agreement between members of a trade to refrain from competition in specific market areas is known as...?

12. A new start-up comes to a city and offers real estate services that make heavy use of technology and an app that has become popular that uses the MLS services. The start-up offers potential clients the opportunity to sell their homes for just a 1.5% commission. The other brokerages in the city decide to pull all their listing from the MLS and create their own listing database. What are they guilty of...?

13. An agreement between members of a trade to exclude other members from fair participation in the trade is known as...?

14. Recently, agents in a town have noticed that the commissions they have been able to negotiate with potential sellers have gotten lower and lower. A 6% commission has become impossible to negotiate, and many are resorting to going below 3% to get listings. The three largest agencies in the town agree to not take any listings for below 4% so that they can bring the average commission back up. Which statement is true?

15. The Federal Trade Commission Act...?