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1. Which of the following is not a duty of a broker engaged by a buyer?

2. If a broker fails to deliver a qualified tenant for a landlord during an engagement...?

3. A broker may act as a dual agent; providing...?

4. When does a broker have to disclose relationships with sellers to a buyer-client?

5. The Georgia Brokerage Relationships Act governs transactions between...?

6. A broker must inform seller-clients...?

7. A primary responsibility of a broker to a tenant is to...?

8. A broker is relieved of all responsibility to a client after a transaction is completed, except that the broker must...?

9. Client confidentiality must be maintained, unless...?

10. During a dual agency relationship, a broker may represent...?

11. The broker must explain confidentiality standards, including...?

12. Which statement is false about a dual agenct relationship?

13. A landlord client asks if it is legal to cover an abandoned water well with a concrete pad instead of having a professional seal the well. The broker has no experience in this area, so the broker should...?

14. When a seller-client reveals that an environmental hazard exists on a property for sale, or in a structure on the property, the broker must...?

15. The Georgia Brokerage Relationships Act was created to...?