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1. Which of the following activities is not considered a prohibited act under the Federal Fair Housing Act?

2. The poster HUD requires all brokerages to display is referred to as the...?

3. The exemption under the FHA that applies to buildings with four or fewer units in which the owner lives in one of the units is often referred to as the ............ exemption.

4. Which of the following is not a prohibited act under the FHA?

5. Employment is discussed in which of the ADA 'titles'...?

6. Which of the following could potentially be exempt from the Fair Housing Act?

7. All but which of the following places would be considered a public accommodation under the ADA?

8. If an agent is found distributing fliers in a neighborhood, which encourages homeowners to sell their home due to a new religious group moving in, the agent would be accused of?

9. An agent wants to gain more listings in a particular neighborhood. The agent encourages owners to sell quickly, saying that the home values in the area will decrease due to a particular ethnic group moving into the neighborhood. The agent has engaged in which prohibited act?

10. Under the Fair Housing Act there are how many protected classes?

11. An agent tells their buyer that they will only show them properties located in “white neighborhoods.” This is an example of which prohibited act?

12. Which of the following would be considered a protected party under Familial Status?

13. Which of the following is NOT a protected class under the FHA?

14. The landmark Supreme Court case that confirmed the Civil Rights Act was legal was...?

15. An owner of a property who is not exempt from the FHA can place which of the following signs?