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1. Which of the following factors impacts the value of a home?

2. What role refers to the responsibility you have to act as an agent, or champion, for your client?

3. Pace Walker is the buyer's broker for Ellen Rigby. After a recent showing, Pace finds out that crime rates have doubled in the last five years and that traffic noise from the highway is clearly audible from within the home. When Ellen asks about property values, Pace not only answers her question, but shares what he knows about crime rates and traffic noise as well. Ellen decides to keep looking. What duty has Pace fulfilled?

4. Which of the following responsibilities does a real estate broker owe to a seller?

5. An analysis of the competition in the marketplace that a property will face upon sale attempts is known as a/an...?

6. When conducting a CMA, which of the following features will require adjustments to the value of the target property?

7. After entering into an Exclusive Agency agreement with ZYX brokerage firm, Ameer Muppidi decided to sell his property to his cousin, Sri. Sri found out about the house being available for sale from Ameer’s daughter at a family event and did not speak to the listing broker or any other brokerage regarding the listing. Will Ameer have to pay a commission?

8. What is an analysis of the competition in the marketplace that a property will face upon sale attempts?

9. A listing contract acts as a contract between a real estate broker and a seller who is the owner of real property. True or false?

10. The indicated value of a comparable property is based on the .............. price.

11. Unless you live in a historical home that has a heritage that will increase the property value, older homes are going to be worth less than newer ones. This statement is...?

12. The seller finds their own buyer, and they have listed that person in the listing agreement as a potential buyer. They do not owe the broker any commission. True or False?

13. The listing price for a property is typically determined using which of the following?

14. Which of the following are part of a listing contract?

15. If the subject property is inferior in one component relative to the comparable property, a .........adjustment should be made.