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1. ………… is a convenient and cost effective tool for qualifying prospective tenants.

2. Which of the following is not a required duty for all property managers?

3. What document establishes the guidelines for the agency relationship between a property manager and the property owner(s)?

4. Cheryl is preparing a management agreement for a new client. What information can she use in the property description?

5. Which fee typically covers basic services, like accounting, reporting, and tenant screening?

6. Supervisors need a general working knowledge of ………... to properly maintain HVAC, electrical systems, and plumbing.

7. A branch of the real estate business involving the marketing, operation, maintenance, and day-to-day financing of rental properties is known as…?

8. A ………... is a group of independent businesses under one roof.

9. Mall managers may offer special pricing and incentives to …………, because they attract more consumers with brand recognition.

10. A person who manages properties for an owner as the owner’s agent is known as a/an…?

11. A document that sets forth the duties of the manager when employed by the owner is known as the…?

12. The best way to grow a successful property management business is to create a business plan that ensures…?

13. Money set aside by a property owner for long-term capital expenditures to a property is known as the…?

14. A maintenance task performed to identify, isolate, and rectify a problem with a property so that the property can be restored to an acceptable condition is known as…?

15. An amount of money set aside by the owner for a specific period for the property manager to manage the property effectively is known as…?