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1. What horizontal structural member supports a floor?

2. Sub-flooring in wood frame construction typically consists of what...?

3. Dimensional lumber used for structural elements is made of...?

4. What determines the depth of a floor joist...?

5. Foundation walls are typically constructed of...?

6. Which of the following is a drawback to using wood construction...?

7. Which of the following is a drawback to using concrete masonry units...?

8. The vertical face of a stair is known as the...?

9. A vertical structural element is known as a...?

10. The slope of a roof is also referred to as the...?

11. ………. rafters are used at the diagonal intersection of planes.

12. The portion of a building that has the sole purpose of transmitting structural loads from the building into the earth is known as...?

13. A structural wall that is shared between two adjoining buildings is known as a...?

14. What is used to frame around a floor opening in a cold-formed metal frame building...?

15. The face of the eave is known as the...?