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1. Building codes started out as a...?

2. Which of the following requirements are included in the local zoning ordinances?

3. Common uses for government land include all of the following, except?

4. When a building fully complies with the local zoning ordinances, it is referred to as...?

5. The International Residential Code (IRC) recommends every room have an egress window that measures at least 4% of the square footage to allow safe egress and adequate ventilation. What is the minimum window opening requirement for an area that measures 15' X 20'?

6. Three universal control metrics in building codes are...?

7. Industrial and manufacturing structures must be built with what type of structural frame?

8. Real estate professionals, like Zoning Office officials and commissioning boards considering subdivision project plans, know that population dynamics influence expansion. Along with monitoring migration patterns, deaths, and births, both groups study all of the following demographic data points, with the exception of...?

9. The Interstate Federal Land Sales Full Disclosure Act regulates all of the following, except?

10. What was the primary EPA objective in establishing the Clean Water State Revolving Fund?

11. Which document, or documents, provide a visual layout of a proposed subdivision that shows individual tracts, total subdivision acreage, approximate size of each lot, and designated public use areas?

12. Improved lots are eligible for full exemption status, providing construction can be completed within ………... after the sales contract is executed.

13. Justin is a developer. He wants to limit or prohibit certain commercial activities within his subdivision. He can legally control how a property is used by …?

14. Rebekah is a real estate broker preselling tracts in a subdivision. She has a client who wants to buy an improved lot to establish an assisted living home that will accommodate four live-in-resident-clients. Which subdivision regulations does Rebekah review with her client before making a formal offer?

15. Building codes establish guidelines for maximum occupancy...?