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1. Possession of property under a lease entitles the tenant to the lawful right to possess the land and says the landlord cannot substantially interfere. What is this right also known as...?

2. If a tenant does not vacate the property at the end of the lease, they are said to be…?

3. What does a leasehold estate entitle a tenant to do?

4. In addition to rent, which of these expenses is the tenant responsible for paying in a double net lease?

5. What is the usual effect of an estate at will tenant committing waste against the property (whether intentional or not)?

6. Which of the following is typically the tenant's obligation under the Lease for Residential Property Agreement?

7. If a tenant is late with their rent and the landlord initiates eviction proceedings, what happens if the tenant pays their overdue rent?

8. Under which of the following circumstances can a landlord be absolved of their responsibility to provide a habitable dwelling unit?

9. If a one-year lease begins on October 1, 2017, when does it end?

10. What term describes money a tenant pays up front, but gets back at the end of the lease term if the property is returned in substantially the same condition?

11. When a landlord leases space to a tenant, the landlord is expected to take whatever action is necessary, at the landlord's expense, to provide a habitable dwelling unit. This is also known as?

12. What type of leasehold estate exists when a tenant didn't renew their lease but didn't move out when the lease ended?

13. Lease contracts are used for…?

14. Who can terminate an estate at will?

15. When a tenant signs over their rights and responsibilities to someone else, effectively terminating their own involvement in the lease, they have?