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In a nutshell

  • DSA Realty is a full-service residential and commercial real estate brokerage, founded in 2007
  • Built upon the business motto of honesty, integrity, and appreciating relationships
  • Part of the larger DSA Property Group* which was founded in the late 1980’s.
  • Currently represent 140 buildings exclusively in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, and work with hundreds of other landlords
  • Full time residential sales team focusing on representing both buyers and sellers

*DSA Property Group is a full service real estate company including investment sales, property management, and new development divisions.

What Makes Us Different

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  • Ethics and Integrity
  • Training and Support
  • Exclusive Rental Listings
  • Full-Time Residential Sales Director
  • Technology
  • Impressive, Modern Offices
  • Selective Hiring
  • Built in Investor

Our Team

  • 60 full time agents that are split between our two brokerage offices
  • Management team consists of 4 full time managers (associate brokers) who are also split between our two offices
  • Each agent is assigned a manager that they know they can go to for any question or concerns

Markets We Serve

  • Manhattan
  • Brooklyn and
  • Parts of Queens


Downtown office:
113 East 12th Street, storefront
NY, NY 1000
Midtown office:
152 West 57th Street, Suite 900
NY, NY 10019
Flatiron office:
60 Madison Avenue, Suite 1111
NY, NY 10010

Call and introduce yourself!


Marc Blum
212-693-0200 x 211

Commission Split

For all of our company provided exclusive listings the split would be 40% to the agent and 60% to the company.
For any listing outside of a company exclusive (commonly referred to as “open listings”), provided the gross commission amount is over $2,500, there is an escalating scale for each month.

  • For the first open listing transaction the split would be 60% to the agent and 40% to the company
  • The second transaction would be 70%/30%
  • The third transaction would be 80%/20%
If an agent does more than three open listing transactions the split for each transaction thereafter would stay at 80%. This scale resets each month. This is how agents at our firm can take home large amounts of income and we’re very happy when someone takes full advantage of this.

Why Choose DSA Realty

2) Exclusive Rental Listings

Most new agents start out their career working in the rental market and the most important tool to have are company provided exclusive listings. Our exclusive listings serve a dual purpose:

  1. A consistent source of transactions specifically for the DSA agents. Many of our agents consider this to be their “base salary”.
  2. A platform to generate multiple leads per ad.
Exclusive listings are unique ads not being advertised by other brokerage firms and it allows us to post on the top source for rental leads Streeteasy does not allow brokers to post open listings.

1) Intensive Training and Support

We provide an initial one week, highly structured classroom style training program which is specifically geared for new agents. We then transition the new trainees from the classroom to the field by having them work on one of our training teams. The training team consists of working every day with one of our training managers until the new agent has completed their first 2 rental deals. This ensures that each new trainee can start to make money right away. Even after a new agent graduates from the training team we have a very low agent-to-manager ratio and we offer constant support and guidance in addition to regular advanced training seminars.

3) Hybrid Agents

While most agents start their career in rentals many will end up working in the sales market either full time or a combination of rentals and sales. When an agent is ready to take that next step into sales we provide full in house training and hands on guidance from our residential sales manager. We want our agents to be as productive as possible and have all avenues open and available to them.

Call and introduce yourself!


Marc Blum
212-693-0200 x 211

What makes DSA different

1) Ethics and Integrity - Our brokerage was founded with the idea of providing a different experience for the consumer which is an honest and honest and ethical approach to every transaction and interaction. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of other firms and the practices they teach. Our approach is appreciated by the client and it leads to many referrals and repeat business.

2) Training and Support – We have a very structured and intensive initial training program which covers everything a new agent needs to know to get started. We then transition each new agent from the training class to the field by working directly with one of our training managers who serves as a direct mentor and guide to help each new agent get started. We also have managers that are available around the clock and consistently offer advanced training and business development sessions.

3) Exclusive Rental Listings – We have 140 exclusive rental buildings which serve as a tremendous source of income and advertising specifically for the DSA agents. Many of our agents are able to close 4-5 exclusive listing deals per month. We also have a full time Listings Director who has a portfolio of other “limited listings” which gives our agents a large amount of inventory to work with.

4) Full-Time Residential Sales Director- We have a very experienced, full-time residential sales director who is very hands on with training our agents in residential sales. He also provides direct advice and guidance on each agent’s specific transaction and is available at all times to answer questions or concerns. We have seen many new agents close their first residential sales transactions very quickly because of the hands on guidance and support.

5) Technology – Our databases and systems are accessible everywhere and are very user friendly. An agent can post a listing once in our internal database and the listing will automatically syndicate to every major real estate website. There is also a mobile application for our internal database to help the agent’s usage in the field.

6) Impressive, Modern Offices - our offices are modern spaces in great locations, the clients are always impressed when stepping inside. Our flagship location is a storefront office located right near Union Square so we receive a large amount of walk in traffic which includes renters, landlords, buyers, and sellers.

7) Selective Hiring- Many firms will hire anyone that walks through the door which often leads to a chaotic and unstable workplace. We are selective who we bring on board and anyone that is hired we feel is representative of the culture of the company. This leads to a congenial and collaborative environment where agents are routinely working together and making life-long friendships.

8) Built in Investor- For those agents interested in higher level transactions such as building or land sales, we have a built in investor to pitch these deals to. Our DSA Management and DSA Development branches are always looking for new opportunities and open to hearing from our agents who are on the ground. We’ve had a number agents close some large transactions by representing DSA as the buyer.

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