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Get Your Houston Real Estate License Online – Full 180 Hour Package – 

Earn your real estate license in Houston, Texas online. You can change careers, earn more money, work as a real estate salesperson on the side, or become a real estate investor. It all starts when you sign up for real estate courses in Texas.

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Get Your Real Estate License Online

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This bundle includes everything you need to fulfill the State’s 180 hour education

What you get when you sign up for the Houston, TX Real Estate License Online course:

Principles of Real Estate 1

30-Hour Online AUDIO Course
* Required Course
State Approval # 121

Principles of Real Estate 2

30-Hour Online AUDIO Course
* Required Course
State Approval # 122

Law of Contracts

30-Hour Online AUDIO Course
* Required Course
State Approval # 1251

Promulgated Contract Forms

30-Hour Online AUDIO Course
* Required Course
State Approval # 351

Law of Agency

30-Hour Online AUDIO Course
* Required Course
State Approval # 1151

Real Estate Finance

30-Hour Online AUDIO Course
* Required Course
State Approval # 451

Real Estate Licenses in Houston Online

Find out why thousands of people are earning their real estate licenses in Houston. The Texas real estate industry is thriving. You can take advantage of real estate opportunities in Texas offered by a growing population. Texas is one of the fastest-growing states in the country and there’s big demand for real estate agents in Houston and across the state.

Working as a real estate agent comes with plenty of perks.

#1 Work When You Want
Real estate agents work independently. They work directly with their clients and get paid a commission when they close deals.
As a real estate agent, you can work when you want. You can make real estate your full-time career. Put in long hours to work with more clients and earn more money, or take a step back and enjoy long lunches or well-deserved vacations. You could also work part-time or even just use your real estate license to help family and friends when they’re looking for a new home. Earning your real estate license in Houston gives you flexible options.

#2 Earn More Money
Once you get your online real estate license in Houston, you can vastly increase your income. One of the most direct ways your real estate license can add to your annual income is working part-time as a real estate agent. Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent or working full-time in another career, adding real estate commissions to your paycheck can make a huge difference.
As a full-time real estate agent, the only limit to your income is how many clients you can work with. It can take time to build a client network, but once you have a strong marketing strategy bringing in new clients, you can ramp up your business and really start earning.

#3 Build Your Own Business
Your education doesn’t have to stop after earning your real estate license in Houston. Let RealEstateU help you build your business with advanced classes on Buying Rental Property, Real Estate Investing for Beginners, and starting a Real Estate Investing Company. Once you start investing in real estate, you can really start to see growth in your income.
There are other ways you can build on your business, too, including becoming a real estate broker and building a team of agents.

Bernard Sampson

Real Estate Salesperson - Houston, Texas

Works For

Keller Williams Realty - Houston, TX

I am a retired United States Navy Chief Petty Officer and was a U.S. Navy Junior ROTC Instructor.

I am now working full time for Keller Williams Realty in Houston, TX under "The Sampson Team".

In my first month as a licensed Salesperson, I already have my first listing, a buyer representation, and secured three leases!

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To get my license I chose RealEstateU and the course was phenomenal. The instructors were articulate in delivering the material in a clear and comprehensive fashion, making it easy to pass the State and National exam.

The information presented in the course was very direct and covered pretty much what was covered on the exams.

Real Estate U provided a direct approach to getting the real estate license without all the fluff and time-consuming material that just makes your studying much harder. The instructors at REU are actual practicing Brokers and Agents.

Why You Should Get Your Real Estate License in Houston, TX

It couldn’t be easier to earn you real estate license in Houston online. RealEstateU audio courses make it easy to earn your license on your own schedule, at your own pace.

With a real estate license in Houston, you can work as a real estate agent, a property manager, a leasing agent, a real estate analyst, a real estate investor, or work with a real estate developer. There are many professional opportunities where a real estate license can help. Whether you want to work with families looking for their first home, homebuyers in the luxury market, businesses, or real estate investors, Texas is a great place to work and start your business.

Complete Online Real Estate Courses in Houston On-the-Go with Audio Lessons

To get your real estate license in Houston, you need to complete 180 hours of real estate license classes and pass the Texas state exam. The RealEstateU 180-hour full package of audio lessons in Texas includes everything you need to complete the audio courses and prepare for the state exam.

As part of our full package of audio lessons, you get:

  • 24/7 access to 6 audio courses (30 hours each), including Principles of Real Estate 1, Principles of Real Estate 2, Law of Contracts, Promulgated Contract Forms, Law of Agency, and Real Estate Finance.
  • Downloadable course workbook that helps you take notes while listening to the audio courses and study for your Texas real estate exam. Includes detailed outlines of each audio clip and key terms to reference back to a particular lesson without reopening the audio course.
  • Supporting documents discussed in audio lessons such as contracts. All forms and supporting documents are available as downloadable PDFs.
  • Infographics explaining key course contents and terms.
  • Course glossary as a downloadable PDF to help you review and study key terms from the course as you prepare for the exams.
  • Final course exams, all done online from the comfort of your home and on your own schedule. Earn your Completion Certificate as soon as you pass and get ready to take the Texas real estate exam.

Take your Texas Real Estate License Online Course and Become a Real Estate Agent Today!

$450 $165

Get Your Texas Real Estate License

Get the Training You Need on Demand and Learn at Your Own Pace Online!

In addition to audio courses designed by real estate professionals who will teach you everything you need to know to get your real estate license in Texas online, RealEstateU offers a number of additional courses that can help you branch out in real estate and build your business. Check out courses such as The Art of Real Estate Syndication, Real Estate Investing for Beginners, and Wholesaling Real Estate Bulk REO. There are many more courses available taught by real estate experts that will open your eyes to the many ways you can make money in real estate.

Start your new career today. Get your real estate license in Texas and pursue your dreams.

Why Take Audio Real Estate Classes in Houston?

We’ve made it our mission to make practical, innovative, and quality real estate education accessible online for those seeking to enter the industry and existing practitioners who need continuing education to renew their licenses or grow their business. Our online video and audio training courses are taught by real estate professionals with years of expertise and knowledge to share. Real estate agents lead fast-paced careers and they need training options that work for them.

By getting your real estate license in Houston online, you can study when you have the time. Complete the courses at your own pace and make sure you understand the course material. You’re more likely to complete the course work and earn your real estate license in Houston, TX when you have the freedom to do the work on your schedule.

Take your Houston Real Estate License Online Course and Become a Real Estate Agent Today!

$450 $165

Get Your Texas Real Estate License

General Information About The Texas Real Estate License Online Course

Course Structure

The 180-hour Texas Real Estate License course consists of the following:

  • The Texas real estate license online course includes six, 30-hour audio courses:
    (1) Principles of Real Estate 1,
    (2) Principles of Real Estate 2,
    (3) Law of Contracts,
    (4) Promulgated Contract Forms,
    (5) Law of Agency and
    (6) Real Estate Finance
  • Each course begins with an orientation.
  • Each course consists of chapters, which are further broken down into lessons.
  • Lessons primarily consist of an audio lecture with related key terms below. Lessons may also include an infographic/diagram or a supporting document.
  • At the end of each chapter is a multiple choice quiz. You must answer at least 70% of the questions correctly in order to advance to the next chapter.
  • After completing the last chapter in the course, you will be eligible to take the course final exam.
  • The final exam is proctored online by ProctorU.
  • After passing the final exam, you will receive your Course Completion Certificate.

Final Exam Procedures

Each of the six online courses will have a final exam that must be passed in order to receive your Course Completion Certificate.

  • The final exams are proctored online by ProctorU
  • Each final exam consists of 60, multiple-choice questions.
  • Passing Grade: 70%
  • You have 120 minutes to complete each exam.
  • The exam is NOT open book, as per TREC requirements.
  • In order to access the final exam, a proctoring password is required. You will have to reserve your exam date with ProctorU who will then enter the proctoring password at the time of your exam.
  • A proctoring fee of $15 will apply for each attempt at taking the final exam. The proctoring fee is paid directly to ProctorU.
  • Rather than having students drive to a proctoring location for each exam, they can take their exams from home with the services of ProctorU. The online proctoring services ultimately provide students with much more convenience, as they don't have to physically travel for each exam.
  • The State only allows up to 2 attempts at the final exam. If you fail both attempts you will have to retake the entire course (that the final pertains to) before being able to retake your final exam. The state requires you to wait at least 72 hours before retaking the final exam.

Course Completion Time

  • Students have 12 months to complete all 6, 30-hour courses (including the final exams) from time of purchase.
  • For more information about applying for a Texas real estate license, click here

Refund Policy

The Texas Real Estate Salesperson course is eligible for a refund within 30 days of purchase. In addition, refunds are only eligible if the student has not completed more than 50% of any one of the six, 30-hour courses. Any refunds issued are subject to a $20 admin charge. Please feel free to read our Terms and Conditions.

3 Step Blueprint To Making a Full-Time Income as a Real Estate Agent in Texas - FREE PDF