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FAQ: How much does it cost to renew my Texas real estate license?

If you renew your license online, the renewal fee will be $110.

If you submit a renewal application by mail, you will have to pay the standard $110 renewal fee plus a $20 paper filing fee.

There are several late fees you should be aware of as well.

If you are less than 90 days late on your license renewal, the renewal fee gets increased to $143.

If you are late on your license renewal between 90 days and 6 months, the renewal fee will be $176.
Finally, if your license has been expired for more than 6 months, you will have to pay a $190 renewal fee.

You may also be subject to deferment fees if you have not completed the required 18 hours of continuing education at the time of your renewal.

If you are renewing an active real estate license and have not completed CE by your renewal date, you may pay a $200 CE deferral fee, which will buy you an additional 6 months to complete your CE.

If you complete your CE courses more than 60 days after your renewal date, you will have to pay the $200 CE deferral fee, plus a $250 late reporting fee ($450 in total).

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