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FAQ: How do I renew an expired Georgia real estate license?

If your Georgia real estate license has been expired for LESS than ONE YEAR, your license is considered "lapsed" and the following must be done to "reinstate" your license:

  • You must pay a late fee.
  • You must submit a "secure and verifiable document" to the GREC to verify your identification.
  • If you did not previously submit a Lawful Presence Verification form, you must do so.
  • This information can be submitted to the Georgia Real Estate Commission via email at or via U.S. mail.
  • You can reinstate your license online and save $25.

In addition, if your license has only been expired for LESS than 30 days, the license will be reinstated as 'Active' if:

  • Your license was considered 'Active' prior to your renewal date.
  • All of your required continuing education credits have been completed

All other "lapsed" cases will be reinstated as an inactive license.

To change your reinstated inactive license to an active license, the following must be done:If your Georgia real estate license has been expired for more than one year, you can no longer reinstate your license online.

You will have to pay a late fee and submit a Reinstatement Application.

Once your application is process and your continuing educations credits are verified by the Georgia Real Estate Commission, a new wall license and pocket card will be mailed to you within two business days.

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