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NYS Real Estate License Renewal

In the State of New York it is required that you renew your real estate license every 2 years

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Renew Your Real Estate License Online

State Requirements

How to renew your real estate license in NYS?

  • The NYS real estate license renewal is done online through your eAccessNY account
  • According to Article 12-A of Real Property Law, every agent holding a real estate license must renew their license every two years
  • One has two years from the date the license expires to renew the license. Failing to do so will require the agent to pass the state exam again and submit a new salesperson application
  • You can renew your license 3 months prior to the expiration date (your license expiration date is printed on your licenses)
  • Here are more details from the DOS website on how to get your NYS Real Estate License Renewal
To see the State requirements regarding licensing laws, please visit the NYS Division of Licensing Services at the link below.

Course Requirements

How to get your NYS real estate license renewed?

  • The course comprises of 7 Lessons that will take 22.5 hours to complete
  • Each Lesson is broken down into Topics.
  • At the end of each lesson, there is a multiple-choice quiz that you have to pass in order to move forward.
  • Our courses can be accessed from any computer, tablet, or smartphone 24/7.
  • This is an online course that does not require a textbook.
  • Upon completion of the entire course, you will earn your Certificate of Completion.