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Easily Pass the Michigan State Exam

This course is specifically designed to help you quickly and easily pass the Michigan State exam!

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Reduce Exam Study Time by 90%

Stop worrying

Cut your exam studying time by 90% and do not worry about passing the State exam. The Michigan real estate exam prep course contains lessons that go through the main concepts you need to remember. You are likely to encounter these key concepts on your exam.


Michigan Real Estate Exam Prep

Easy Preparation

  • We filtered out the exact information you need to know.
  • In this course you will find potential Michigan real estate exam questions.
  • You can jump between lessons as you wish.
  • The instructor summarizes the key concepts you learned throughout the Michigan Real Estate License Online Course.
  • The Michigan Real Estate Exam Prep course essentially acts as "Cliff Notes" for the State exam.
  • It is designed to extract the key concepts you will be tested on for the State exam.
  • This course also includes 16 practice tests and one sample exam. The sample exam is meant to serve as a mock State exam.

Who is the Michigan Real Estate Exam Prep Course for?

Many students go though the Michigan licensing course just to find out that they forgot much of the information when showing up for their State exam. If you are asking yourself any of these questions then this course is definitely for you:

  • Am I really prepared for my state exam?
  • What concepts should I focus on?
  • What should I know for the state exam?
  • Is everything I learned likely to show up on the exam?
  • Will there be math?
  • Is the state exam difficult?

Key Terms

We designed a glossary of key terms that will help you prepare for your state exam. This will make things so much easier!

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