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FAQ: How to Navigate the Course on a Mobile Device?

Course Structure:
The course is divided into Chapters, which are further broken down into Lessons.

Course Timers:
Each lesson includes a timer, which must hit 0:00 before you can advance in the course. Once the timer hits 0:00 the Mark Lesson Complete button will become available.

On mobile devices (smartphones/tablets), the timer is located at the very bottom on mobile devices. Please scroll all the way down to see the Timer / Mark Lesson Complete button.

You will have to Click on the Mark Lesson Complete button at the bottom of the page (on the black footer) to unlock the next lesson in the menu.

Course Menu:
On mobile devices (smartphones/tablets), the course menu is located at the top left on mobile devices (indicated with 3 horizontal lines).

Please do the following to navigate the course:

Step #1:
When the timer hits 0:00, you must click on the 'Mark Lesson Complete' button at the bottom of the page. By clicking on 'Mark Lesson Complete', you will unlock the next lesson in the chapter.

CLICK on the next lesson from the course menu.

Change Courses
If you have access to multiple courses you can use the top right menu (indicated with 3 dots) to move to another course. After you click on the 3 dot icon you can choose "My Home" to see all your courses.

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