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FAQ: When do I have to get my fingerprints taken?

Most applicants get their fingerprints taken after they pass the State exam and before they submit their license application.
After you pass the State exam, the DRE will send you a license application and an FBI Applicant Fingerprint Card.
You should get your fingerprints taken using the FBI Applicant Fingerprint Card and a Live Scan Service Request form.
You will submit a copy of the completed Live Scan Service Request form with your license application.

That being said, you can still get your fingerprints taken before the State exam. To do so, you will have to request a blank fingerprint card from the DRE by calling (877)373-4542. Once you receive your blank fingerprint card, you can complete a Live Scan Service Request form and schedule your fingerprints with a local Live Scan provider.

Please note that you will not receive your real estate license until after you submit your fingerprints. Your fingerprints will be used to generate a background check, which the DRE uses to verify that you have disclosed all prior criminal activity on your license application (if any).

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